About us

The Shipping Company K. Junker Transports was founded in 1999 by the forwarding merchant Katja Junker and the professional motor truck driver Achim Junker. The company┬┤s headquarters are located in the industrial triangle of Frankfurt(60), Mannheim(68) and Aschaffenburg(63). As of 01/03/2007 the company┬┤s name has been changed to Ju- Tra Logistik GmbH (limited liability Company). The enterprise is still wholly owned by its founders. At this point, we would like to introduce ourselves.

It all started with the transport of oversea containers on a regional transport basis. After the first year trailers were incorporated so that goods could have been moved all across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Somewhat later, regular shipments to the UK were added to our schedule. At that time, goods were shipped to customers in Scotland on a weekly basis. In addition to Austria and Switzerland, countries such as Croatia have been added to our transportation destinations.

By now, we provide entire Europe with our transportation services. Furthermore, Asian countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia have complemented our list. Oversea containers coming from Far East are shipped via the British harbors Felixstowe and Southampton. The handling of the cargo and the distribution takes place in London, whereas Ju- Tra Logistik finally delivers them to their point of destination.

Our focus is laid on the transportation of giant equipment such as forklifts, machines, agricultural vehicles as well as building construction vehicles. We achieve optimal transportation results with the help of our special purpose vehicles that are equipped with ramps with a height of up to 3.25m. Our services are known for being cost efficient, reliable and punctual.

We are looking forward to execute your order.