Company Profile

The forwarder K. Junker Transporte, located in Blankenbach near Aschaffenburg, was founded on 1st March 1999 by the logistics managers and commercial drivers Katja and Achim Junker. Today’s Ju-Tra Logistik GmbH was foundet on 1st March 2007 with the married couple Katja and Achim Junker as associates and sole holders.

After working as employees with several forwarding and transport companies for more than 15 years we started transporting overseas containers in regional traffic. One year later we acquired our first trailer and forwarded goods all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Later regular shipments to Great Britain were added. Since this time goods of our customers are forwarded to Scotland daily. Transport to Austria and Switzerland was extended and expanded by countries like Croatia and Slovenia.

Today we forward goods throughout Europe. With us overseas containers from the Far East reach their destination via the English harbours Felixstowe and Southampton with transshipment and distribution in London.

We focus on transporting automotive work machinery like forklifts as well as construction and agricultural vehicles. With our special vehicles, equipped with access ramps and a transport width of up to 3 metres, we guarantee an optimum transport.

Another big part of our service is the transport of non HAZ waste, like catalyst, e- scrap material or waste paper. Licenses for nearly whole europe are existing.

As a middle-sized family business, we don’t only feel an obligation towards our customers and staff, but also to the current sociopolitical developments and the next generation. By combining trucks and ferries for example, we already take economic as well as ecological aspects into account when planning transports. Environmentally friendly automotive technology, according to the latest emission standards is another aspect to underline how important this is to us. Our drivers do their bit by avoiding waste, recycling, and economic driving in order to make an important contribution to preserve resources and environment.

We always forward reliably, punctually and cost efficiently.

Our company history in short:

01.03.1999Foundation of the company K. Junker Transporte in Blankenbach
2000Purchase of the first lorry DAF XF 95
2002Relocation to Stockstadt am Main, foundation of the affiliated firm LAJ Haulage in London/UK
2003Three more articulated lorries with access ramps are bought
2004Subsidiary LAJ Haulage in Manchester/UK was opened
2006Relocation to Aschaffenburg harbour. A turnover of 1 Mio. Euros was generated for the first time.
2007Foundation of Ju-Tra Logistik GmbH
2008More vehicles were purchased
2010Compound site for goods and lorries in Schippnerstrasse, Aschaffenburg was settled in
2011Foundation of Ju-Tra GmbH & Co. KG Vermögensverwaltung (asset management)
2012Compound site for goods and lorries in Aschaffenburg harbour was settled in
2015Multiple 40' containers are now available for private storage
since 1999constant effort to keep service and customer satisfaction on a high level
since 2000continuous change/replacement and investments into the vehicle fleet