Transport Fleet

With our own lorry fleet (almost all vehicles match the EURO 6 exhaust emission standard), equipped with the latest technology and traffic security systems, we forward our customers’ goods fast, safely and cost efficently.

Our experienced drivers ensure competence and reliability on the road and on the customers’ sites.

Permanent investments in technology and employees secure this high quality standard for the furture. All drivers are trained regularly in the fields of driving safety, load safety and reduce of consumption. Vehicles of the latest designs and our employees’ knowledge about safety-related aspects form the basis in handling and forwarding goods safely.

The tractor units are equipped with the latest security packages:

  • Radar systems assist the driver in clearing surveillance and slow down the lorry to standstill in case of emergencies.
  • Disc brakes, lane departure warning and breaking systems, retards, ABS, ASR and ESP.
  • Special equipment for securing the load provide maximum safety in transport.

Regular maintenance and check-ups of security relevant components guarantee the flawless condition and the daily stand-by of the vehicles.

Standard Trailer

  • with sliding roof
  • 2.65 internal height
  • 34 spaces
  • 24 tons payload

Mega Trailer with Lifting Roof

  • with hydraulic lifting roof
  • 3.00 m internal height
  • 34 spaces
  • 25 tons payload

Mega Trailer Open

  • Steel transports
  • Machinery transports
  • Construction sites

Ramp Trailer

  • Transports up to 3.25 m internal height inside tarp


  • Double doors at the side
  • 25 tons payload
  • Dry bulk materials and pallet loads
  • Waste transport – loose and bulk goods

Mega Ramp Trailer, widenable

  • can be widened up to 3 m transport width
  • 6.6 m access ramp for low elevation
  • easy, fast, and damage-free loading and unloading

Heavy Transport Vehicle

  • Heavy haulage nationally and internationally


  • Express transports nationally and internationally